One of the most powerful tools available is prayer, especially for people who serve churches. Find the encouragement you need to stay focused, joyful, and consistent in your prayer life. Prayer is a key to any healthy ministry.

Nine ways to leave a legacy

Serving Christ in a local church is a special calling. The decisions you make, the causes you champion, and the life you live all have an impact on the ministry. We are all leaving some type of legacy. What type of legacy are you leaving behind? In this article, Pastor Chris Ortego reflects on the type of legacy he endeavors to leave in a well-established church.

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Fighting for your faith when the struggle is real

There are no vacation days available when it comes to spiritual warfare and the fight can be exhausting. The struggle is real. Some days it feels as if the enemy never takes a holiday. In this post we discuss several ways to keep your focus on God when enduring difficulty, discouragement, and spiritual warfare.

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