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Looking for a way out

Are you looking for a way out? Does your current situation frustrate, discourage, and disappoint you? Do you want to turn away, run, or hide? Feeling overwhelmed and disappointed are common emotions when we focus on what is wrong with our situation. It’s easy to scroll through social media feeds or surf the internet wishing for a new day to come. However, looking at the world around us does little to change our situation or help our burdened hearts. Plus, gazing at the plastic version of worldly success can sow deep seeds of discontent and frustration into our hearts. What do you do when you long for a way out of your current situation?

Finding a Way Up

It’s hard to imagine how things will work out for good when facing times of intense difficulty. Our minds try to work out a solution, but every option seems grim. Yet, scripture reminds us of God’s ever-present help in the most unbearable situations. God has a track record of helping his children in the midst of impossible situations.  From the lion’s den to being stuck in a jail cell God’s help is available no matter how hard the circumstance. 

God’s help is also available to his children in situations of prolonged difficulty. Joseph remained faithful to God while spending years of his life in prison after being wrongly accused. Ruth chose to honor God by staying with Naomie in a difficult situation. David faithfully endured years of being on the run from King Saul. Each of these individuals had the habit of trusting God with their situation; they chose to do what would honor God instead of serving themselves. God was faithful to sustain each of them in impossible situations that lasted a long time. 

Where can we look when life seems unbearable? The help we need most in desperate times has a divine origin. Help will not come with a change we can manufacture on our own. It’s not found in a new hack or trying harder in your own efforts. The help we need comes from God alone. The Psalmist writes “I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come?My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth,” (Psalm 121:1-2). 

Look first to the Lord

Read His Word with a hunger to find Him. God has given us the Scripture so that we can truly know what He is like. The Bible is ultimately a story about Him. The God of the universe knows everything about you and wants you to know Him. Don’t medicate with a box of wine, binge on a new series, or spend untold hours on your phone. Instead, press into His Word and feed your soul. 

Start a reading plan. Set a goal. Dive in and see an amazing grace-filled God at work. Read the Psalms and remember that He knows your heart.  Old Testament books like Joshua and Nehemiah are full of reminders of his power to save and deliver. Read the Gospels and see Jesus heal, save, and speak life into a messed-up world. Read Paul’s letters and find encouragement to keep looking to Christ and loving others well.  

Your situation could change very soon. You just might be crossing into a new land. However, don’t miss the opportunity that difficult circumstances bring: A time to look up to God when only His help can satisfy. 

Dace Clifton

Dace is a pastor in central Texas. He is married to his wife Jacque and has two children. Dace holds a Ph.D. in preaching and pastoral ministry. He also serves as an adjunct professor at Arlington Baptist University. Dace is a family man who loves adventure, travel, hunting, and anything related to the mountains.