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Times are changing. For church pastors, volunteers, and other leaders, technology can be used to advance our mission in new ways. Learn how you can expand your ministry and increase your effectiveness through the wise use of technology.

Church finance: budgeting and forecasting 101

There may never be the perfect time to talk about your church’s finances, but today we will add some greater detail around budgeting and forecasting for your church. This article is a response to an earlier post, Church finance: the business basics.

Church finance: the business basics

Ministry and church leaders wear many hats as they seek to fulfill their calling. This article is designed to assist pastors and church leaders as they navigate the financial aspects of ministry by providing a basic foundation of business principles. The knowledge and application of these principles will help strengthen the financial integrity of any ministry. Stay tuned for additional articles on managing ministry financials.

How to protect your church from sexual abuse

We all want to protect our churches from sexual abuse and predators. This post discusses ways that MinistrySafe can help you protect your church from sexual abuse.