Thriving in Ministry

The Thriving in Ministry podcast is designed just for church leaders. Join us every Tuesday at 10am CST for authentic discussions, interviews, and conversations about the daily life of leading a church.

Episode 19 – You Need Rest

Pastors need rest. Carl Walker shares his fresh perspective from working with dozens of pastors every year. Rest is not something we do apart from ministry, it should be a part of your ministry.

Episode 18 – Depression in Pastors

How often do pastors face depression? Aaron Halstead discusses depression in the life and ministry of Charles Spurgeon. Learn practical tips and keys to stay encourage in ministry. 

Episode 17: The Power of $20

The story of Mona Dixon is perhaps the best story you have not heard yet. She shares her journey from a cardboard house to the White House. An investment of $20 by a stranger changed the course of Mona’s life and has impacted thousands of youth.

Episode 16 – Implementing Change – The Pastors Pathway

Do you struggle with implementing change in your church? Dace Clifton and Kyle Willis share The Pastors’ Pathway on Implementing Change. We discuss the best approach on how to communicate and increase engagement with your congregation during times of change.

Episode 15 – Making Decisions​ – The Pastors Pathway

Do you find it difficult to make decisions in your ministry? Dace Clifton and Kyle Willis share The Pastors’ Pathway on Making Decisions. We discuss what every church leader should consider when thinking through tough ministry decisions.

episode 14: benefits of pastoral tenure

Episode 14 – Benefits​ of Pastoral Tenure

How does the tenure of a pastor benefit a particular church? Dr. John Mann speaks of how his congregation has grown over the years under one leader. We discuss what every church leader should consider with regards to staying the course in your church.


Meet the Hosts

Leading a church can be difficult. We help navigate difficult topics, identify new shifts in church ministry, and engage with other pastors. 

We believe most pastors are not fully equipped to handle every aspect of leading their congregation. The Thriving in Ministry Podcast is one way we help encourage and equip other church leaders for ministry today. 

Dace Clifton

Founder of Daily Pastor, Dace gives practical advice for pastors of all church sizes. 

Kyle Willis

Co-host Kyle Willis, Founder of Talanton Church Services, utilizes his experience in church consulting and challenges the status quo of church life. 

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