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Learn how you can grow as a leader and avoid common pitfalls. Ministry development is meant to teach, encourage, and inspire you as a church leader, for church pastors and volunteers.

Sermon Help: Time Saving Solutions

Do you need more time for sermon preparation but wonder where it will come from? In this article we will discuss time-saving tips to help you get ahead in your preparation and work more efficiently.

Preaching Help: 9 Easy Ways to Preach Better Sermons

Are you having difficulty preaching? Preaching can be hard. Whether you are just getting started or stuck in a rut, we can all use help. In this article we will talk about nine important moves you can make to preach more effectively.


Pastoral authority?

As scandals of abuse and abuses of power are brought to light, the question comes to mind “Do pastors really have authority over their congregations?” Is “pastoral authority” a legit thing?