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Pastoral authority?

As scandals of abuse and abuses of power are brought to light, the question comes to mind “Do pastors really have authority over their congregations?” Is “pastoral authority” a legit thing?

How to make a bad first impression in seven easy steps

Want to make a good first impression? Making a good first impression is very important. Sometimes churches can overlook vital ways to improve the experience of a first time visitor. In this article we address seven areas that are critical for making a good first impression.

Seeking simplicity in your sermons

How clear are your sermons? Listening to an unclear sermon is like being on a road-trip with an unknown destination. Clarity is a key feature of effective communication. In this article, preaching Professor Dr. Matthew McKellar explains how you can bring clarity to your sermons for effective preaching.

Building an evangelistic​ culture in the church

Jesus calls his followers to make disciples of all nations. The discipleship process begins with sharing the good news with the lost. Unfortunately, this great commission has become the “great omission” in many churches. In this article, Dr. Carl Bradford explains three critical moves every leader must make to cultivate an evangelistic culture in your church.

Pastoral tenure and healthy churches

How does pastoral tenure impact church health? It is not uncommon to see churches change pastoral leadership every few years and in some cases every few months. In this article, Dr. John Mann explains how pastors serving for an extended time can contribute to church health. Before you make a move in ministry, consider the impact you could have by staying at your current post.

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