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Ministry is dangerous and demanding work. Find the daily encouragement and hope church pastors, volunteers, and leaders need to stay motivated and fixed on your mission.

She Said,​ “I’m Pregnant!” Pastor Stress during Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a trying time. It is also a unique opportunity to grow in our faith, strengthen our marriage, and see God bless in unexpected ways. In this article, we will discuss three different ways you can bless your marriage, grow in your faith and apply God’s word during pregnancy.

Looking for a way out

What do you do when your situation frustrates, discourages, or disappoints you? In this article Dace advises what to do when you just want out.

what your attitude reveals

What your attitude reveals

How’s your attitude? Our attitudes reveal where we are placing our focus. Attitude is like a barometer for our hearts – it shows what’s going on underneath. What you cultivate inside always finds its way out.

When your church hates you: lessons from the early years of Charles Simeon

Have key members in your church tried to get rid of you on multiple occasions? Has your flock deliberately tried to undermine your ministry? Have you been the object of fierce hostility, anger, and spite? If so, you are in company with one of history’s greatest preachers: Charles Simeon (1759-1839). In this article we will look at the turbulent beginnings of one of the greatest preachers of the nineteenth century.

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