What your attitude reveals

How's your attitude? Our attitudes reveal where we are placing our focus. Attitude is like a barometer for our hearts - it shows what's going on underneath. What you cultivate inside always finds its way out.

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Adjusting your expectations

Why do we have such a hard time adjusting to life when things don't go our way? Oftentimes, we look to blame outward things (situations, circumstances, and people) when what we're really upset about is our unspoken, oftentimes unrealistic expectations.

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Parenting in light of the Gospel

The Gospel brings about a radical change in our lives. How should our parenting be impacted by Gospel truth? In a world full of conflicting information, God's Word provides the needed foundation to lead our children in following Christ. In this article, we will discuss a few areas where the Gospel can produce liberating changes in our approach parenting.

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Fighting for your faith when the struggle is real

There are no vacation days available when it comes to spiritual warfare and the fight can be exhausting. The struggle is real. Some days it feels as if the enemy never takes a holiday. In this post we discuss several ways to keep your focus on God when enduring difficulty, discouragement, and spiritual warfare.

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How to endure seasons of suffering

Are you in a season of prolonged suffering? How do you hang on to your faith while experiencing suffering? Learn how reminding yourself of God's promises can help you endure a difficult season.

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